• Ancestry & Arms Collection

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    Our exclusive Ancestry and Arms Collection contains three prints, all done on our signature thick stock golden parchment. We guarantee that we'll have your name or we'll pay for the research to be done. Included are the following prints:

    Family Origin Map - Discover when and where your family name was first found and recorded on this 11x17 inch print. We place the image of your Coat of Arms directly onto a beautifully recreated renaissance period map precisely where your family name originated or was first found recorded.

    All About Your Arms - This 11x17 inch print shows off your family’s Coat of Arms as it was first displayed all those centuries ago along with your Family Motto or its country of origin on the banner below. The detailed Symbolism Report will explain what every color, line and image meant, bringing that centuries-old picture to life, as well as the importance it held to your family.

    Family Name History - On this 8.5x11 inch print, we detail the origin story and history of your family name.

    Shipping: All prints are shipped in art-quality stay-flat mailers within two weeks of your order being placed. You'll also receive tracking info via email as soon as it is shipped. We no longer sell frames online due to the rising cost of shipping that we'd prefer not to pass on to our customers, but all of our prints are standard sizes that can be found most anywhere frames are sold.