Symbolism of Colors:

Silver (Argent) = Purity                                                                                     

Gold (Or) = Generosity

Red (Gules) = Warrior; Military Strength

Blue (Azure) = Symbol of the Soul symbolizing Truth & Loyalty 

Green (Vert) = Hope, Joy & Loyalty in Love

Black (Sable) = Constancy (reliability)                                                        

Purple (Purpure) = Royalty

Orange (Tawyny or Tenne) = Worthy Ambition 

Maroon (Sanguine or Murray) = Patience in battle

Shield Types & Lines of Division:

Bar - A thin horizontal bar across the shield that denotes one who sets the bar of conscience of good versus evil.
Bend - A diagonal bar on the shield which signifies the scarf or shield suspender of a knight commander. It stands for defense or protection.
Border (Bordure) - This charge is used as a difference between relatives bearing the same arms; it is also an augmentation of honor.
Chevron - This roof shaped charge stands for protection or builders who have accomplished some work of faithful service.
Chief - The upper part of the shield. It was granted as a special reward for prudence and wisdom or successful military command.
Fesse - A strip or band placed horizontally across the shield. It represents a military belt or girdle of honor.
Gyron - This charge looks like a pinwheel. It is a symbol of nobility and the mark of an Esquire (a candidate for knighthood).
Pale (Paly) - A field divided into four or more equal parts by perpendicular lines of alternating colors.  This stands for military strength.
Pile - A shape like a wedge, it represents the wood used to build bridges. It stands for an engineer.

General Coat of Arms Symbolism Guide:

Acacia Branch/Leaves = Eternal & Affectionate Remembrance

Acorn = Antiquity & Strength

Agriculture Tools = Labouring in the Earth

Alerion (Eagle without claws/beak) = One injured in battle

Alphyn = Ferocity

Anchor = Hope

Angel = Dignity, Glory & Honour or a Missionary

Annulet (Ring) = Truth & Fidelity

Ant = Great Labour & Wisdom

Antelope (Mythical) = Beware to all beholders (Traditional) = Action, Agility & Sacrifice; A worthy guardian that can be fierce when challenged

Antlers = Strength & Fortitude

Anvil = Honour & Strength, Emblem of the smith's trade

Apple = Felicity & Peace; Temptation

Arm = Industrious Person

Arm in Armour = Leadership Qualities

Arrow = Readiness for Battle

Auk = Supernatural Power

Axe = Execution of Military Duty

Badger = Tenacity & Protection

Bagwyn = Action, Decisiveness & Guardianship

Banners = A Reward for Valiant Service

Bat = Facing of One's Fears, Darkness & Chaos

Baton = Token of Authority

Bay Leaves = Poet or Victor's Laurels

Beacon = One who is Watchful, Signaler of Danger

Bear = Strength, Cunning, Ferocious in Protection of Kin

Beaver = Industry & Perseverance

Bee = Efficient Industry

Bell = Power to disperse Evil Spirits

Berries = Felicity & Peace

Bezant/Besant (Gold Circle) = Worthy of Trust & Treasure

Billet = denotes a man who obtained credence, knowledge and faith in his words and deeds and was secret in his affairs

Bird's Claw = The preyer upon others has been preyed upon

Bittern = Symbol of Stratagem; Bad Luck

Black Bird = Bad Omen, but 2 Black Birds are a good omen

Bloodhound = Representative of the Hunt

Boar = Bravery, Fights to the Death

Boar's Head = Hospitality

Boat = Notable expeditions by sea, by which the bearers became famous. Symbolizes commerce, travel, initiation and warfare

Bomb or Mortar = One who has used this weapon in battle

Bones = Mortality

Book (Open) = Manifestation or (if Closed) = Counsel

Bow = Ready for Battle

Bow & Arrow = War, Power & Ability

Branch or Leaves = Hope & Joy

Brick = One who obtained Credence or Knowledge in his field

Bridge = Governor or Magistrate

Broom Plant = Humility

Buck = Peace & Harmony, Will not fight unless Provoked

Buckle = Victorious Fidelity in Authority

Bull or Buffalo = Valour, Bravery & Generosity

Bull's Horns = Strength & Fortitude

Bustard = Symbolic of the Hunt; Nobility & Grace

Butterfly = Psyche or Soul

Buzzard = Rapacious person, intimidating and persistent

Calopus = Symbol of ferociousness, unyielding in his cunning to achieve advantage over his enemies

Camel = Patience & Perseverance

Candle or Lamp = Light, Life & Spirituality

Cannet or Duck without beak or leags = Subsists by virtue & merit

Cannon/Cannon Balls = One who used this weapon in Battle

Carnation = Admiration, hope & joy

Carpenter's Square = The laws of right and equity

Castle = Granted to one who has faithfully held a castle protected in times of war and symbolizes protection, Castle GATE = Protection in Emergency

Cat = Liberty, Vigilance, Forecast & Courage

Catherine Wheel = Enduring great trials for Faith/Country

Centaur = Eminence in the field of Battle

Chains = Reward for Great Service

Chalice = Faith

Chapeau = Cap of dignity, a badge of high dignity borne by kings

Chaplet = A Mark of Honour, crown of joy and admiration

Cherub = Dignity, Glory & Honour or a Missionary

Chess Rook = One who shielded a leader in war or enterprise; Protection

Chimera = Bravery, Strength and Cunning to achieve victory

Chough (Cornish) = Watchful for friends and kindred; Great Military Strategist

Church = Faith

Cinquefoil = Hope and Joy - Represented various flowers according to color

Clarion = Ready for War

Claw (Bird) = Has been preyed upon

Claw (Bear or Lion) = The bearer of arms only needed to show a glimpse of his strength to the enemy, for this enemy to surmise the wholeness of his ferocity

Clouds = Mystery, Obscured Truth

Club = Guardianship

Cock = Courage, Perseverance; Hero or Able in Politics

Cockatrice = Terror to All Beholders

Collared (Gorged) = Symbolic of High Dignity

Columbine = "The Dove Plant", Courage and Love

Column = Fortitude & Constancy

Comet = Harbinger of invasion & war or remembrance of a great battle

Compass & Square = Symbols of Freemasonry for one who squares their actions by the square of virtue

Cone (Pine) = Emblem of Life

Coney (Old world Rabbit) = Wisdom; One who should never be underestimated

Coot (bird) = One who uses strategy over confrontation to achieve success

Cornucopia = Bounty of Nature's Gifts

Cormorant = Nobility, Fisherman's symbol of a Bountiful Catch

Cow = Symbol of the harvest

Crab=Force & Energy expressed through emotion and imagination

Crane or Stork = Close Parental Bond

Crescent = One enlightened and honored by the Sovereign; mark of 2nd son

Cresset = One who is Watchful, Signals Danger

Crocodile = Fury, Power & Protection

Cross = Faith; Service in the Crusades

Cross (Baptismal) = Greek cross symbolic of rebirth or regeneration

Cross (Cavalry) = Sign of life to come

Cross (Celtic) = Unity of Heaven and Earth

Cross (Crosslet) = Signifies the fourfold mystery of the Cross

Cross (Embattled) = Symbol of the "Church Militant"

Cross (Fitchee) Cross/Sword - Unshakeable Faith

Cross (Fleurette) = Reminder of the Trinity & Resurrection

Cross (Flory) = One who has Conquered

Cross (Formee) = Military Honour

Cross (Jerusalem) = Represents Old Testament law; Crusaders cross

Cross (Malta) = Blessings; badge of knights from Malta

Cross (Moline) = Mutual converse of human society

Cross (Pattee) = Combination of the Christian cross and Wotan's

Cross (Patriarchal) = Ecclesiastical cross, bar represents the inscription

Cross (Pommee) = Represents the Assyrian god Asshur

Cross (Potent) = Symbol of Mesopotamia

Cross (Raguly) = Denotes difficulties encountered

Cross (Saltire) = A cross that resembles an X. It stands for humility.

Cross (St. Andrews) = Symbol of humility and suffering

Cross (Tau) = From Greek's letter "T", the Cross of prophecy

Crossbow = Emblem of war and great power

Crow = Strategist in Battle, Watchful for Friends

Crown = Monarchy & Power denoting dignity and accomplishment

Crown of Thorns = Adversity

Cuckoo (King of birds) = Competitive soul; Lover of music

Cup = Office of the King's Butler

Cushions = Authority

Cypress = Death & Eternal Life thereafter

Dagger or Dart = Justice & Military Honour

Deer = Peace/Harmony, 1 who will not fight unless Provoked

Diamond (Fusil) = Travel & Labour

Dice = Equity

Dog = Courage, Vigilance and Loyalty

Dolphin = Swiftness, Diligence, Salvation, Charity & Love

Donkey = Patience & Humility

Dove = Loving Peace; The Holy Spirit

Dove with Olive Branch = Good Tidings

Dragon = Valour & Protection

Drops = One who has endured torrents of liquids in battle - (Black) = Boiling tar, (Blue) = Tears shed in a great battle over lost friend or family, (Green) = Oil for olive oil denoting peace & concord, (Red)= Bloody conflict, (White) = Water or rain in battle, (Yellow) = Gold for a generous deed

Drum = Ready for War

Duck = Person of many resources

Eagle = Nobility, person of action; symbol of power & strength

Eagle (Double Headed) = Conjoining of two forces

Eagle without claws/beak (Alerion) = One injured in battle

Eel = Versatility, wisdom, creativity & defense

Elephant (Trunks too) = Strength, Wit, Longevity, Happiness, Royalty, Luck

Elm Tree = Boldness & Fidelity; Wisdom

Enfield = Beast who protected fallen chieftains bodies

Escallop= Traveler to far places/Victorious Naval Commander

Escarbuncle = Supremacy & Dominance

Eye = Providence in Government

Falcon or Hawk = One who won't rest until objective achieved

Falcon's Lure = One fond of the highest pursuits

Fasces = Strength in numbers, Authority & Leadership

Feathers or Plume = Serenity

Fetterlock (manacle) = One who has taken or rescued Prisoners of War

Fife = Ready for War

Finger (pointing) = Direction, Correct Route for Travel

Fire = Zealousness

Fish = True, Generous Mind, Virtuous; Unity with Christ

Flag = Bearer was rewarded for valiant service

Fleur-de-lis (White Lily) = Purity, Light - If through lion/leopard = reward to leaders who served under Edward III during his French wars

Flint Stone = Readiness for zealous service

Flowers = Beauty, Hope & Joy

Fork (pitch or hay) = Laboriousness

Fountain = Mariner's symbol or denotation of one's surname

Fox = One who uses wisdom and wit in his/her defense

Foxtail= Good luck amulet endowing the bearer with fox's cunning

Fret (Fishing Net or True-Lover's knot) = Valiant service in war

Frog = Resurrection or Fertility

Fruit = Felicity & Peace

Gannet = One who has to subsist by virtue and merit

Gauntlet = Armed for the performance of martial enterprise

Gavel = Justice, Legal Authority

Globe = Worldliness, Travel

Goat = One who wins through Politics rather than war

Goldfinch = Protection; Wards off evil

Goose = Resourcefulness

Gorged (Collared) = Symbolic of High Dignity

Grapes = Fertility, Youthfulness & Hospitality; Wine Making

Grasshopper = Nobility & Wisdom

Grenade = Indicates the bearer used this weapon in battle

Greyhound = Majesty, Courage & Loyalty; emblem of nobility

Griffin = Valour & Death-Defying Bravery, Strength & Intelligence

Haddock = Good Fortune & Bountifulness

Hammer = Honour, Emblem of the smith's trade

Hand = Pledge of faith, sincerity and justice

Hand (Red) = Mark of a Baronet

Hands Joined = Union & Alliance

Hare = One who enjoys a peaceable & retired life

Harp = Tempered judgment; Bridge between Heaven & Earth

Harpy = Ferocity under provocation

Hawk or Falcon = One who won't rest until objective achieved

Hawks' Lures = Hunter or in Falconry

Hazel Tree = Knowledge, Wisdom & Poetic Inspiration

Head (Human) = Honour - If of a Moor it refers to deeds in prowess during the Crusades

Heart (Human) = Charity & Sincerity

Heart (Human, Flaming) = Intense, burning affection

Hedgehog = Provident Provider

Helmet = Wisdom, Security in defense; Strength, invulnerable

Heron = Contemplation, Vigilance, Divine Wisdom & Inner Quietness

Holly = Symbol of Truth

Hook (fish hook) = One who despite not knowing his enemy's strength will venture forth with confidence

Horns = Strength & Fortitude

Horse = Readiness for all employments for King & Country

Horseshoe = Good Luck, Safeguard against evil spirits

Hourglass = Mortality, Flight of time

Hunting Horn = One who is fond of the chase of high pursuits

Hydra = Conquest of a very powerful enemy

Ibex = Symbol of Healing; Nobility (only nobles could hunt them)

Inescutcheon = Coat of Arms of the bearer's wife's family added to his

Inkhorn/Inkwell = Art of Writing; Educated employment

Ivy Leaves = Strong and Lasting Friendship; Protection and Healing

Jackdaw = Symbol of Luck & Loyal Friendship

Juniper = Protection against thieves; Symbol of a Healer

Keys = Guardianship and Dominion

Kingfisher = Peace & Prosperity

Knight = Prowess in the field of battle; Dependable beyond doubt

Ladder = One who was fearless in attacking; One who stood guard

Lamb = Gentleness and Patience under suffering

Lamb with Staff or Cross = Faith; Innocence, Bravery, Purity

Lamp or Lantern = Light, Life & Spirituality

Lance or Javelin = Emblem of knightly service

Lantern = Watchful, Cautious; Great navigator of tormented seas

Lapwing (Pewit) = One who protects the young

Lark = Hope, Happiness, Good Fortune & Creativity

Laurel Leaves = Peace and/or Triumph

Leg = Strength, Stability & Expedition

Leopard = Brave and Generous Warriors who performed a bold enterprise

Letters = Represents great battles or tournaments beginning

with that particular letter

Level = Equity and upright action; Virtuous person

Lightning Bolt = Destruction of Ignorance

Lily = Purity, Chastity & Innocence

Lime or Linden tree = Life, Vitality & Energy; Resurrection

Lion = Dauntless Courage, Majesty, Strength & Justice

Lizard = Safety and Welfare

Lobster = Tenaciousness & Regeneration

Lock = Security & Protection

Lotus Flower = Purity, Virtue & Honesty

Lozenge = Token of a noble birth - When hollowed out = Persuasive

Lynx = Stealth & Cunning; Vigilance & Alertness

Lyre = Contemplation; Tempered Judgment

Magpie = Luck, Good Omen

Maiden = Purity & Redemption; Virtue

Marigold = Devotion & Piety

Martlet = Subsists by Virtue & Merit

Matches = One who has dared terror in Battle

Merle (Merlette or Blackbird) = Symbol of Temptation

Mermaid = Eloquence

Mew (Sea gull) = Hope

Millstone(Mill-pick, Millrind) = Mutual converse of human society

Mirror = Reflection of the Soul

Mole = Efficiency & Protection

Monkey = Agility, Cunning, Satire & Wisdom

Moon = Serene power over mundane actions

Moor = Honour of taking a Moor's head in the Crusades

Mortar or Mortar Piece = One who has used this in Battle

Mount/Mountain = Permanence & Enlightenment

Mulberries = Felicity & Peace

Mule = Borne by abbots who have pastoral jurisdiction

Mullet = Divine Quality bestowed from Above

Mushroom = Good Fortune; Immortality

Musical Pipes = Festivity & Rejoicing

Narcissus(Flower with 6 petals)=Vanity, Arrogance, Confidence, self-reliance

Nest = Security & Safety

Nets (Frets) = Valiant service to their sovereign in a great war or battle

Nightingale = Love, Righteousness, Poetry & Education

Nuthatch = Good provider, emblem of family values

Oak garb/sheaf = The harvest of one's hopes has been secured

Oak Tree (Bush/Acorns/Leaves) = Virtue, Strength & Resiliency

Oar = Power, Skill & Knowledge; Granted for successful enterprises at sea

Olive Tree/Branch/Leaves = Peace, Merit & Victory

Osprey = Fisherman's totem; symbol of abundance

Ostrich = Serenity & Meditation

Otter = One who lives life to the fullest

Owl = One who is vigilant, prudent & of acute wit

Ox = Valour & Generosity

Palm Branch = Victory, Justice and Royal Honour

Palm Tree = Righteousness & Resurrection

Panther = Fierce but tender, Defends children with their life

Parchment or Scroll = Scholarly achievement

Parrot (Popinjay) = Wisdom & Good Counsel

Passion Nails = Token of poignant suffering undergone by the bearer of arms

Pavilion = Ready for Battle

Paw (animal)=The bearer only needed to show a glimpse of his strength to the enemy, for the enemy to surmise the wholeness of his ferocity

Peacock = Power, Beauty & Knowledge

Pears = Felicity & Peace

Pegasus = Poetic Genius & Inspiration; Vision & Refinement

Pelican = Self-sacrifice & charitable nature

Pen = Art of writing and educated employment

Pheasant = An alert person of many resources

Pigeon = Virtuousness, Peace & Wisdom; symbol of a Mariner

Phoenix = Symbol of resurrection

Pig = Fertility

Pillar = Fortitude

Pincers = Honour, emblem of the smith's trade

Pine = Immortality, Rebirth - JUST Cone= Immortality & Fertility

Pineapple = Elite social standing & Hospitality

Pipes = Festivity & Rejoicing

Plow = Laboring in the Earth

Plume of Feathers = Serenity of the Mind

Pomegranate Fruit = Fertility & Abundance

Poppy (red quatrefoil) = Hope & Joy

Porcupine = Invincibility

Pot = Charity

Puffin (Sea-Parrot) = Consummate provider; Symbol of family

Pyramid = Duration & Longevity

Quail = Courage & Victory

Quatrefoil (Primrose) = Bearer of good tidings

Rabbit = One who enjoys a peaceable & retired life

Rainbow = Hope

Ram = Leadership & Authority

Rat = Industry & Prosperity for its ability for locating & acquiring food

Raven = Protection & Prophecy

Reindeer = Persistence & Resoluteness; Viking's symbol of status

Rhinoceros = Tenacity, Vigor & Unpredictability

Ring (Annulet) = Fidelity

Robin = Domestic peace & tranquility; Mariners bird of hope

Rock = Safety and Protection; Refuge

Rose (Red= Grace & Beauty; House of Lancaster Henry IV, V)

(White = Love & Faith; Badge of Richard Duke of York & son Edward IV)

Rosemary = Fidelity in Love


Black= Cannon Ball

White(plate) = Generosity 

Blue= Wounded or Whortleberry

Gold= Treasure

Green or Pomme(Apple) = Peace

Purple or Golpe= Wounded

Red or Torteau= Communion Wafer or Manchet Cake

Orange or Tawney= Tennis-ball

Ruff = Warrior; Bearer will fight to get what he wants

Sabre = Justice & Honour

Saddle = Prepared for Battle

Salamander = Protection

Salmon = Betoken on one of wisdom & knowledge

Savage or Saracen = Service in the Crusades

Scales = Justice

Sceptre = Emblem of Justice

Scorpion = Wisdom & also Self-Destruction; emblem of resurrection

Scythe or Sickle = Hope of a Fruitful Harvest

Sea Horse = Power of the Water

Seal or Sea Lion = Dauntless Courage at Sea

Seraphim = Dignity, Glory & Honour

Serpent, Snake, Lizard = Wisdom & Cunning

Shacklebolt = Victory; Rescued Prisoners

Shamrock (Trefoil) = Perpetuity

Shark = Persistence & Perseverance

Shield = Defender

Ship = Ancient Sea Voyages

Ship Dismasted = Disaster at Sea

Skull = Mortality, Fear & Intimidation

Snail = Deliberation and Perseverance

Snake = Wisdom

Spaniel = Symbol of the hunt; Loyalty, Integrity & Trustworthiness

Sparrow = Symbol of Aphrodite; Beauty, Love & Pleasure

Spear = Honorable Warrior, Valiant Knight, Spear-Heads = Ready for Battle

Sphinx = Omniscience and Secrecy

Spider = Wisdom, Labor & Prudence

Spur = Preparedness for active service; Pressing onward

Square = Constancy

Squirrel = Lover of the Woods

Stag=One who will not fight unless provoked; Peace/Harmony

Stag's Antlers = Strength & Fortitude

Star = Noble Person, Celestial goodness, Star of 5 points (Mullet) = Divine quality from above

Steel = Readiness for zealous service

Stirrup = Preparedness for active service

Stool = Hospitality

Stork = Filial duty; close parental bond, IF holding a rock then it means Vigilance

Strawberries (Frasier-Fraises) = Symbol of a Wanderer

Sturgeon = Longevity, Permanence & Stability

Sun = Glory & Splendour, Fountain of life

Swallow = Prompt and ready in doing business; bringer of good news

Swan = Poetic harmony and learning, light, love, grace, sincerity & perfection

Sword = Power, Protection, Authority, Strength & Courage

Table = Hospitality

Tails = Amulet of good fortune; Bearer would have characteristics of the animal

Tent = Readiness for Battle

Thrush = Songbird symbolic of solitude & poetry

Tiger = Fierceness & Valour; Dangerous if Aroused

Tomb-Stone = Inspiration, Bereavement; Mortality

Torch = Life; zealousness; truth & intelligence

Tortoise = Invulnerability to Attack

Tower = Safety & Grandeur

Tree = Life,  Tree Trunk/Stump/Branch = New life sprouting from the old

Trefoil = Perpetuity

Trestle = Hospitality

Trident = Maritime dominion

Trumpet = Ready for War

Unicorn = Extreme Courage, Virtue & Strength

Vase or Vessel = Openness & Validity

Vine = Promise & Bounty; Lasting Friendship

Vulture = Purification & Maternity

Water Bouget = One who carried water to an army or besieged place in need

Weasel = Boldness & Resoluteness; Spiritual Warriors

Well = Generation, Purification & the Matrix of Life

Whale = Righteousness, Repentance & Majesty

Wheat Garb or Sheaf = The harvest of one's hopes have been secured

Wheat-Ears = Faithful

Wheel = Fortune; Cycle of life

Wings = Swiftness & Protection

Wolf = Reward from perseverance in long sieges and/or hard industry

Woodbine Leaves = Love that does not injure that which it clings to

Wreath = Triumph

Wren = Freedom

Wyvern = Valour & Protection

Yew = Eternal Life after Death